We are BACK!

We are thrilled to resume in-person chamber breakfasts beginning

October 4th, 2021! Be sure to mark your calendars for the 2021-2022 season! 


MONDAY, October 4th:          REAL ESTATE: PB's Major Industry - Darrell Hofheinz

Sponsored by:                          A panel discussion on Economic Impacts since 2020

Palm Beach Day Academy

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MONDAY, November 1st:       ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Meet the Leaders at the 1909 Foundation

Sponsored by:                          Town Employee of the Year Award

Palm Beach Daily News|LOCALiQ

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MONDAY, December 6th:     MEET THE AUTHOR: James Campbell, Maddoff Speaks

Sponsored by:                         2022 Guide Distribution

Hedrick Brothers Construction

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Tuesday, January 4th:            CANNABIS: The Next Big Investment: Another Windfall?

Sponsored by:                         Speaker, Ann Marie Sorrell

Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope


Wednesday, February 2nd:  AGRICULTURE: The Oldest & Most Recession-Proof Industry

KRAVIS CENTER                       Meet the Farmers Talking with Pepe Fanjul

Sponsored by:                        Fresh Market in lobby after the program

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center


Thursday, March 10th:           POST-COVID: Dr. Alina Alonso, Director of the Florida

Sponsored by:                        Department of Health: Two Years After the Shutdown

The Palm Beach Zoo



Tuesday, April 5th:                 FRANCHISING: Dr. John Hayes, PBAU Titus Chair for Franchise

KRAVIS CENTER                      Leadership, The Latest Trends & Future Prospects

Sponsored by:

Seabreeze Building, LLC



Thursday, May 12th:             CLIMATE CONTROL: The Economic Issues

Sponsored by:                      A Panel Discussion Lead by Terry Gibson

Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults



Wednesday, June 1st:        Awards Breakfast

Sponsored by:

The Breakers Palm Beach