Welcome to Palm Beach! The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and members cordially invite you to enjoy Palm Beach. For more than 100 years renowned hotels, distinctive architecture, quaint Mediterranean vias, alluring boutiques, superb restaurants and world-class shopping have all been at the heart of daily life in Palm Beach. This community, founded as one of America’s premier tourist destinations in the 19th century, flourishes today as one of the most sought-after places in the world to visit and to live.

Whether you are a year-round or seasonal resident, a visitor from across the country or around the globe, I encourage each of you to take advantage of the abundant beauty and conveniences that surround us all. As the locals all know, there is an endless array of things to see and do here. Whether visiting one of our hotels, ambling down the seemingly endless vias, dining at one of our charming restaurants or simply walking along one of our beautiful palm tree-lined streets or beaches, Palm Beach just never ceases to delight with its abundant treasures.

Whether you are in Palm Beach for business or pleasure, we hope you will take a moment to enjoy both the beauty and the uniqueness of this very special community that we are fortunate to call home. ENJOY YOURSELF AND PALM BEACH.