There are ever so many visions of Palm Beach, each with a special twist.  The town remains a unique piece of paradise that offers a multitude of opportunities for young and old alike.  The Palm Beach Chamber works every day to ensure that the beauty, benefits and businesses on the island will continue to exceed expectations.  We hope your vision of Palm Beach is one of pure ENJOYMENT.

We encourage you to take a second look at Palm Beach and ENJOY the special qualities that set the town apart.  Make each day a celebration of the myriad of pleasures that appeal to all of the senses.  Seeing the sunrise over the Atlantic, hearing the Flagler parrots make their twice-daily trips, touching the warm sand on the beach, smelling the night-blooming jasmine and tasting the extraordinary array of culinary delights.  They are all here for you to ENJOY every day in paradise.


Palm Beach is the quintessential town where all good things come together for all to ENJOY.  Please stop and take in the luxuries that abound.


Laurel Baker

Executive Director

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