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           In case you’re wondering about membership with the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, we’ve          prepared some responses for the inquiries we’ve received over the years.  If we haven’t touched upon one of  your concerns, please call or e-mail.


1. Does my business have to be located on the island of Palm Beach?

              Absolutely not.  All businesses with exceptional goods and services are welcomed to join.

2 .Can I join as an individual?

              Yes, we look forward to engaging the whole community in learning more about business issues and meet with                local business leaders.

3. What is the dues structure?

             The dues schedule is based upon industry.  The application form breaks down the categories by hotel size,                      financial, insurance, not-for-profit, individual and for-profit businesses.

4. Can I advertise in the guide if I’m not a member?

              No.  Guide advertising, as well as the website, is a benefit of membership.

5. Will my dues be prorated if I join mid-year?

              No, once you join an anniversary date will be assigned.  Prior to your renewal date, you will receive an                         invoice for the coming year.

6. What do I get for my membership?

              Listing in the Palm Beach Guide – 15,000 copies distributed

              Listing on the Palm Beach Chamber website

              Collateral materials distributed from our office

              Attendance at our monthly breakfast at the breakers – 4 attendees per business membership

              Networking events

              Workshops- from credit card processing, social media, marketing and other specialties offered by members

              Office Depot Discount

              Constant Contact Discount

              Brooks Brothers Discount Card

              Coupon for advertisement in Palm Beach Daily News*

              Coupon for advertisement in Florida Weekly*

              Sponsorship Opportunities

7. How can I get my name out to the membership?

             Advertise in the guide

             Send mailings to the membership

             Sponsor a breakfast or after-hours event

             Sponsor a breakfast table during the season and invite others to sit with you

             Take a banner ad on the website

8. How do I register for events?

             Once you’re a member, you will create your own password to update your business profile, add your events to              our calendar and register for our events.

9. What is the enhanced website benefit?

             The Palm Beach Chamber website www.palmbeachchamber.com  lists your company name and contact                         information.  If you choose to upgrade your membership you will have the opportunity to add your website                   link, Photos, videos, unlimited key words, social media links and so much more!  An easy way to enhance                     your digital footprint.

10.  Social Media collaboration

            We are social – Are you?   We invite you to like our pages and we will follow your postings to share your                     adventures!


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