For high school seniors who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments academically and in the community, Neiman Marcus wants to get to know you.

Neiman Marcus provides two $1,000 scholarships to recognize the contributions of students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, the sciences, the arts and community service, adding to the fabric of excellence in Palm Beach County.  Eligible recipients must have parents or guardians working on the island of Palm Beach.




You are encouraged to use an economy of words not to exceed 2 pages, double-spaced. 


TECHNOLOGY:  You are perhaps the first generation to literally grow up with technology as an integral part of everyday life.  Is it good for you?  Discuss the positive and negative aspects of technology in today’s world – and possibly what it is denying you.


What else is needed?

Reference Letters – include these, in sealed envelopes, with your application packet.  They shouldn’t be too over the top glowing – ask people who really care about you and know you on the best of days, the worst of days and have seen what makes you YOU.


Transcript – have the school provide us with a copy of your high school transcript.  This is to see your grades and your progress.


Cover Letter – introduce yourself and provide a brief explanation on why you should be considered for scholarship support, what you want to study and why.

NO consideration without this letter!  NONE!



PLEASE!  Double-check the checklist of what’s needed for a complete application.  If you have any doubts, please call the office, 561.655.3282.

Your packet should be delivered, either in person or by mail, NO LATER THAN Thursday, March 29, 2018.   The office closes at 5 pm.  It should include:

  • Application - 2 copies
  • Cover Letter - 2 copies – absolutely, positively or application is void
  • References [two – originals in sealed envelopes ]
  • Transcript - one copy
  • Essay - 2 copies

If any portion of this application is missing, you may be disqualified from further consideration.  Be sure to double-check EVERYTHING before mailing. 


Rev. 01.18





Neiman Marcus Palm Beach provides two $1,000 scholarships to qualifying high school seniors. This scholarship recognizes the contributions of high school students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, the sciences, community service and/or the arts and contributed to the fabric of excellence in Palm Beach County.


PLEASE NOTE:  This award is open only to high school seniors who either live or work on the island of Palm Beach or whose parents/guardians work in Palm Beach.  Awards will be presented on Thursday, May 3rd at The Breakers Palm Beach.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, March 29, 2018

Complete packet must be postmarked and received by the chamber’s offices no later than 5 p.m. on the 29th.


400 Royal Palm Way Suite 106

Palm Beach, FL  33480

www.palmbeachchamber.com       561.655.3282                                                                                                                





NAME __________________________________________________ SS# LAST FOUR DIGITS _______


ADDRESS  __________________________________________CELL PHONE__________________________


CITY~STATE~ZIP _________________________________________________________________________


 SCHOOL  _______________________________________________ 


SAT SCORES:  _______  MATH      ________  VERBAL             Class rank _____/_____


AP CREDITS: ________                 ________  ACT                  GPA  _________




EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – include all honors received – your résumé may be attached for additional background information. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

WORK EXPERIENCES – please include job title, supervisor’s name, dates employed and hours worked per week.


COLLEGE PLANS - Please indicate what schools you have applied to and the status of your applications.



MAJOR COURSE OF STUDY  _______________________________________________________________


GUIDANCE COUNSELOR’S CONFIRMATION OF INFORMATION:  I confirm that the information provided is a true and accurate account of this student’s academic status at ___________________________.  I can be reached at __________________ daily until  ______p.m.


Counselor’s Signature                                                                               Date


The information I have provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.



Student’s Signature & Parent’s Signature                                              Date





Please indicate which, if any, scholarships and/or financial aid programs you have applied to.   This information will be kept in strictest confidence.



____  FL Student Assistance Grants [FSAG]                 ____  FL Teach Scholarship

____  Vocational Gold Seal Endorsement                  ____  FL Undergraduate Scholars’ Fund

____  Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant            ____  R. C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

____  Nicaraguan & Haitian Scholarship                     ____  Rosewood Family Scholarship Fund

____  Seminole/Miccosukee Indian Scholarship         ____  FL Resident Access Grant

____  FL Work Experience Program                             ____  Limited Access Competitive Grant

____  Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship                   ____  Other – please specify

____  Occupational/Physical Therapist Scholarship Loan Program

____  My family is participating in the State of Florida pre-paid tuition plan.

I anticipate awards totaling $  _________




____  American Women in Radio & TV, Inc.    ____  PB Post Minority Scholarship in Journalism____  Executive Women of the Palm Beaches ____  Rotary Club [please specify which club] ___________________

____  Palm Beach Literary Society                  ____  We are participating in the Florida Pre-pay Plan

____  Kiwanis Club [please specify which club]  ____________________  SunFest Music/Vocal Scholarship           ____  Church-sponsored Scholarship [specify]  ___________________

____  Community Foundation Scholarships    ____  PRIDE Awards

____  I have been nominated by my school for a Pathfinder Award in  _____________________________

____  Other                                                      ____  J.M. Rubin Foundation

_____  I qualify for Bright Futures                                                                      I anticipate awards totaling $ _______



My family and/or I will be applying for the following loans [PLUS, Pell, bank loans, 529 Plan, Florida Pre-paid etc.]



____  Yes, I will be working during the summers and holidays and anticipate contributing

$ __________  towards my school expenses.


Approximate costs annually:          $_____________________

               Tuition for the year:              $  _________

               Room & Board:                    $  _________

               Books & Fees:                     $  _________

            Other:                                     $  _________

***____  Yes,  I will have a car on campus.    Explain why you’ll have a car.***  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

FAMILY – If there are extenuating circumstances that make financial aid critical to your continued success, please let us know.  Unemployment, siblings in college, sickness, on-going medical bills for family members can make your needs even greater.  Without divulging confidences, please indicate in general terms what problems exist in your cover letter.

Parent/guardian’s employment information:


Father’s Employer ______________________________________  Position  ________________________

                                                              Company Name


Mother’s Employer  _____________________________________  Position  ________________________

                                         Company Name


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